Apple’s Newest Top Selling Archive


“The technical structure of the archiving archive also determines the structure of the archivable content even in its very coming into existence and in its relationship to the future. The archivization produces as much as it records the event.”

(Derrida & Prenowitz 1995, pg. 17)

The archive is structured in a way that for most, acts as a tool to further archive our Facebook activity. The display presents a running list of current games complete with game statistics and history – a snapshot of our current and potential engagements.

“This name apparently coordinates two principles in one: the principle according to nature or history, there where things commence-physical, historical, or ontological principle-but also the principle according to the law, there where men and gods command, there where authority, social order are excercised.”

(Derrida & Prenowitz 1995, pg. 9)

The archive asserts dual authority, most overtly instilled in the user yet with shades of intervention by the host, Apple. We advocate choice in the opponents we select, the words we challenge them with and when we do so. However, Apple determines the conditions under which the user interacts with the archive in the first place.

“It is a question of the future, the question of the future itself, the question of a response, of a promise and of a responsibility for tomorrow. The archive: if we want to know what that will have meant, we will only know in times to come.”

(Derrida & Prenowitz 1995, pg.36)

Those we choose to play with, the words we wish to draw, how we draw them and to whom, all define a particular individual experience. We not only win coins, but denote the atmosphere of potential relations with our opponents both within and beyond the digital archive. Archive Fever = Constantly checking for that green ‘Play’ button to appear.

Derrida J  & Prenowitz E 1995, ‘Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression’, Diacritics, vol. 25, no. 2, pp.9-63


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